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What We Do

We farm a mixture of beef and sheep and are certified as Pasture for Life farmers. This means that all of our stock is naturally reared on grass. No additional oil based products are introduced. There is a direct link between the quality and taste of meat and the natural countryside. Rearing animals as nature intended on our beautiful landscape means that we can participate in creating a sustainable future for our family and animals.

Slow grown grass-fed animals enjoy a relaxed, low stress lifestyle on the Isle of Man. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty with a stamp of unesco biosphere and BallaKarran is incredibly proud to be a part of it.

We started selling our own lamb direct to customers in 2013. Since then the business has developed. We are passionate about farming and the countryside and making a valuable contribution to our community whilst ensuring we do our bit for future generations.

We are passionate about the future, sustainability and local produce which motivated us to develop the concept of a mobile farm shop, visiting areas of the Island that don’t have direct access to local produce and butchers. We have built up relationships with other local producers and suppliers, ensuring our Mobile Farm Shop provide 100% Manx produce. We are continually looking at ways to reduce the amount of packaging we use, especially the amount of plastics and encourage our customers to bring their own containers to our farm shop.

We love to work with other local suppliers and one of our local collaborations is with Foraging Vintners Winery from Port Erin. We grow Rhubarb on a small piece of our land in Cregneash and this Manx rhubarb forms the base for the wine that they produce.